PF Flyers Presents Alyasha Owerka-Moore


Alyasha Owerka-Moore




San Diego, CA

On Being a Designer:

I don't know that I ever made the decision that I wanted to be a designer, it just kind of happened via osmosis. I'd start drawing what I wanted to wear. That's the thing about skateboarders, you make what you want. It's a very DIY culture.

On Inspiration:

1950's Brooklyn, and American kitsch, those are my points of reference.

On PF:

I had PF Flyers as a kid, like early 70s, at 6 years old. For a long time I would hold on to all of them, so I probably have, no exaggeration, 40 pairs of Center Los. It's my skate shoe of choice. I basically do everything in them; skate, paint, DJ, build stuff... Skating destroyed what little arch I had left but because PF's have built-in arch support they are really comfortable and really good to skate in. There's a serious connection between nostalgia and pop culture for me with PF Flyers. They are pretty much my favorite shoe.

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