PF Flyers Presents Ouigi Theodore


Ouigi Theodore


Creative Director of The Brooklyn Circus


Brooklyn, NY


The Brooklyn Circus

On Style:

The term that we've kind of coined is tailored casual. It's really paying homage to the past and the tailored elements. The aesthetic pulls from the past and brings it forward, without making it costumey.

Style is personal. It's about your personality in your wardrobe. Finding the classic, and the fundamental style or reference point that you can always build on. Your style should always be evolving.

On American Made:

It would be a shame if American fashion or heritage or American made product goes out of style. The 100 year plan forward is to evolve the urban American image and grow the boys into men. We'd like to show that America is not these bullies, or filled with egos, but that we actually have so much that we've created and want to share with the world.

Inspired by The Center Lo - Browse Archival Collection